Baggy Overalls w Suspenders PRINTED RIGHT ON FABRIC



CUT and SEW FASHION ART craft panel – These baggy overalls are so comfortable.  I could live in them.  Would make great maternity trousers.  Size fits up to 51 inch plus-size waist.  There are marks indicating where to trim the side seams for smaller sizes but they are meant to be baggy.  Note where the side seam pocket placements are when trimming.  Held up by suspender style  straps.  I like to wear them hanging low but you can adjust the straps to your liking.  There are 3 options for making the straps.  The FASTEST AND EASIEST way is to purchase gathered ruffles by the yard already inside a binding.  But the panel includes the pattern for narrow 1/4 – inch straps.  Also, The panel may have a white border around it so you could cut ruffle strips and binding and make your own ruffle straps.  In order to fit this project onto 2 yards of fabric, 3 pieces must be joined to make the decorative leg ruffle.  The optional elastic at the ankle is supposed to be loose.  We want shape but not clown pants.  These overalls are print on demand.  Try these overalls in different print designs.  I am working on a tie dye version that would be pretty fabulous.  I don’t like to waste even one shred of fabric so I included a rose project in the margins and added a few extra petals for an additional rose bud.


  • 2 lengths of elastic 18 inches long for the ankle flounce
  • Purchased or make your own ruffle trim (22 inches for decorative leg ruffle, aprox. 23 inches for each strap)
  • Hot glue and toothpick for the rose project


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