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Tech / Promotional HELP WANTED

Would someone like to partner in a new business venture?  I have a fabulous product that you can help market.  When this venture gets going we can share in the profits.

Job Description:

  • Check daily sales from my suppliers and update the prices on this site to reflect that price.
  • Get this site listed on all the social and sales sites like Etsy, Flickr, Facebook, etc.  (I already have accounts on some of these sites but can not find the time to keep them up to date.)
  • Help develop Google ads and other promotional outreach like fashion shows etc
  • Develop and send promotional emails to the mailing list
  • Make how-to and promotional videos and get them up on the site
  • Research misc. things that might come up

I am finding that formatting my product for the public is taking all of my time.  I have barely enough time to tend to this web site.  Would you like to talk and work out a plan?  contact me. 

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Have you ever ordered something from a catalog and it was not like the picture?  Here is a perfect example of this:  I fell in love with these pants because they looked like they had a mint background, right?  But notice that the model is in shadow.  So they arrived with a bright white background with garish yellow dye.  And the pants were so long, that they went way past my feet.  I had to return them.  But still, every time I see this picture, I want them again.  I am now trying to reproduce the colors in the photo on my own fabric.  Here it is in progress.  I will finally get to wear these pants.  Perhaps I will trade the black spots for Chinese writing and make a kimono like the one here.  It should be available soon.  We shall see.  Comment if you will buy these pants if I offer them.

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Although it can take over a month of testing to get one of my products up for sale, I have no control over the actual printing of the fabric since it is print-on-demand by a third party.  Also, I am a new upstart business launched in January 2018 and can not afford to have every possible variation of every design on every possible fabrication available.

THEREFORE, if an item you purchase does not meet your standards, please send it back to me and not to the printing facility.  I will be happy to refund everything including shipping both ways in order to see what the printer sent you.  I will deal with the printer from here and make corrections together with them.  Contact me here.

Thank you for being cooperative in this regard.

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COUCH-CUTTING – Cut and Sew Fashion Art

cat looking astonished at computer screen

     What is “couch-cutting”, you ask?  Couch-Cutting is when you receive my Cut and Sew Fashion Art panels in the mail, go directly to your couch and cut it out.  You do not need a large surface any longer to sew fabulous fashions and projects with my Cut and Sew fabric panels.  Getting started is the hardest part.  Once the pattern pieces are cut out, the hard part is over.  Go to your sewing machine and quickly sew everything together in one day, typically.  I am coining this phrase.  Couch-Cutting.  You heard it here first, Feb 17, 2018 but I have been talking about it since January 1 when I launched my site.   I am coining this phrase today because I have noticed that a large international company is beginning to use my creative concepts to market their patterns.  My product is much cooler, of course, but I suspect they might steal whatever creativity they can from me.  And because they are large and I am small you will probably hear it from them first and it sticks in my craw.  We share a common supplier who is a partner of theirs.

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This deal is sweet.  Get 2 projects for the price of 1!  That’s right!  It suddenly occurred to me that I could squeese smaller project parts in the margin around larger project parts.  I hate to waste any shred of fabric.  So you will now find 2 projects when your order arrives.  So far I have only been able to include this fabulous fabric rose because there was not much space between the larger parts on current offerings.  But if I revisit past projects, I think some of them will accommodate larger images.  Here is the rose parts you will be getting right now.  See how I squeezed it in?  It is more work doing this but I consider it a little love gift to you for ordering my product.


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I want to tell you how I make perfectly spaced gathers.  It is not difficult to gather short distances.  But what if you have a dress with gathered tiers like this French country dress featured on the site?  The gathered edge is not THAT much longer than the shorter piece to join to.  So there ends up being a flat space or too much fabric in some area.  My way may take a bit longer at the front end BUT at least you don’t have to keep doing it over and over again ’til the gathers “work”.   And after all, we would rather it look great in the end than how quickly we can complete our art.  Here is the elastic method of gathering that I use:

  1.  Cut a length of elastic about 2 inches shorter than the short edge you will be joining to.  I keep a little bag of used elastic for this purpose since it will be removed after.  Elastic can be used several times if you mark with a different color for each project so you don’t get confused.
  2.  Fold the elastic strip in half and mark the center.  To determine the halfway mark between the center and each end, fold between those 2 marks and mark that center.  Repeat folding between marks until you have equal distance marks of manageable distance apart.
  3.  Now take the LONG edge you want to gather and fold to mark the center of it.  Fold and mark the fabric the same way you did with the elastic so that you end up with the same number of marks as the elastic strip.  The spacing will be farther apart, however.
  4.  Pin the center mark of the elastic to the center mark of the fabric.  Match and pin all of the marks.  There will be slack in the fabric.
  5.  Using a long stitch on your machine (because you will be removing the stitches later and longer is easier to remove) Stretch and sew the elastic to the fabric removing the pins as you go.  Set this aside.
  6.  Now fold and mark the center of the short edge you want to join.  Mark equal distances like you did with the elastic and the long piece until you have the same number of marks.
  7.  WRST match and pin the marks on the short piece edge to the marks on the elastic.
  8.  Stretch (if you must) and sew the gathered edge to the short edge being careful NOT TO CATCH THE ELASTIC IN THE STITCHING.  The elastic should be in the seam allowance.  Adjust fabric so it pleats evenly as you go.
  9.  Remove the elastic and press the gathers.  Perfect.

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Jan, 29, 2018  ONE SIZE FITS 

I was just thinking about a MAD MAGAZINE cartoon depicting a one-size-fits-all pair of leggings.  The smallest model was wearing a pair of solid black leggings while the fabric kept stretching as the models became larger.  The leggings appeared as fish nets on the largest model.  I tried to find it on the web but I guess it is too old.  I just thought this was amusing.

As you know, I don’t like to size my designs.  They are mostly variations on a sack and look great on any size.  I may begin scaling my designs after I get this first batch all formatted and uploaded for sale.  I have designed hundreds of patterns and keep adding more as I get ideas.  I really could use some help with putting the prototypes together.  Any takers?  Contact me.

Here is a photo of a sweet model wearing one of my dresses in a fashion show.  I will try to upload video of the show sometime.

Here is a link to the Oscar-like trophy awarded at the show.You can make your own top model pin cushion using this Cut and Sew print on demand craft panel. 

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1/26/18  Why Humpty Label?

Seems like an odd name for a label.  But it developed organically and works on so many levels.  Let’s start with the shape.  Egg shaped people are small at the top with a wider belly/hip area.  There are no fashion rules for hourglass figures but eggs need a little help.  Here are some observations I have found through the years:

  • Layering is key and so cute.  We can put lots of layers on the top without looking top-heavy.
  • NEVER wear a gathered skirt around your middle.  That area should always be skimmed over.  Wear a drop waist or empire waist or A-line or shift style.  You can wear gathers if your top garment layers over the waist.  Gathers should always be ironed flat like knife pleats for less bulk there.
  • V necklines are best but anything is really O.K.

That’s about it.  You will see these elements repeated in my designs.

The Humpty stuffed doll began as a promo for a Mother Goose trilogy I illustrated.  You can see these BIG BOOKS here.  I experimented with several versions- even sculpting in porcelain but that was too time-consuming.  I still have the pattern for the other versions pictured if you would like it instead of the final version I use today (second in line).


Notice the egg shells on the hat of the third one?  I have used this element in some of my fabric designs and also in the Mother Goose book.  I tend to explore and re-use artistic elements until I get tired of them.  The pink rose made an appearance on the STICKER DRESS.

  And of course the famous Humpty Hat is still available.






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Help Wanted

1/24/18   HELP WANTED

I am anxious to tell you some of the tricks I use to make sewing easier.  But today I will talk about some print on demand behind-the-scenes stuff.

I realize that the prices for my Cut and Sew fashions seem high.  The manufacturer gets most of that.  I actually make more profit on the Paper Pattern downloads which will keep me in business, I suppose.  There are a few Cut and Sew projects where I was able to make some modifications to the original design and place it onto less yardage.  This will result in huge savings to you.  An example of this is the Frankly Fake “Bride” Dress.


By placing the top bodice parts on a single-yard template and using a different single-yard skirt template the project will take 2 yards instead of 3.  The single-yard skirt pattern can be attached to many of the tops listed to make a dress using only 2 yards.  Find the skirt pattern here.

I just want you all to know that I am exploring ways to offer my products for less, including investing in printing equipment myself.  It will cost about $30,000 to do this.  So buy lots of product now for savings later.  Go fund me!  😉

I am also searching for other print on demand print shops.  If you are reading this and have a large format sublimation fabric printer,  you can contact me and we can develop a working relationship or perhaps a sale.