Although it can take over a month of testing to get one of my 100s of products up for sale, I have no control over the actual printing of the fabric since it is print-on-demand by a third party.  Also, I am a new upstart business launched in January 2018 and can not afford to test every possible variation of every design on every possible fabrication available.

THEREFORE, if an item you purchase does not meet your standards, please send it back to ME and not to the printing facility.  I will be happy to refund everything including shipping both ways in order to see what the printer sent you.  I will deal with the printer from here and make corrections together with them.  Contact me here.

EXCEPTION:  Sorry, no returns on digital downloads.



  • One of the advantages of having patterns printed right on fabric is less wasted fabric space.  When  laying out a paper pattern, stripes in particular, require pattern pieces to be laid out onto yardage so that the stripes are going the same direction when assembled so you might have to purchase another yard of fabric to accommodate that.  With Cut-and-Sew the pattern piece can is placed where it fits best on a template and the stripes are printed in whatever direction is needed.  When adding up the cost of additional yardage, a separate purchased pattern, and the time and effort spent laying out your pattern (time is money), the cost of both Paper Patterns and Cut-and-Sew are comparable.
  •  Care was taken to make sure the edges of the pattern pieces touch the edges of the paper so if your printer does not print all the way to the edge, you will know to continue to the edge anyway.
  • A photo of the completed project is printed on every pattern piece so a stray piece can find its home easily.
  • A beautiful envelope to fold together is included so you can store your downloaded pattern with your other patterns.
  • Instructions are printed on one of the larger pattern pieces so additional paper will not take up room in the envelope provided.
  • It is assumed that you know the basics of sewing.
  • Paper Patterns are printed on letter (8.5 X 11 inch) paper.  The number of sheets is noted.  The exception will be a few heat transfer paper projects.  It is suggested that the backs of recycled paper be used for the print-out.
  • It is suggested that the masking tape used to tile the print-out pages together be torn into narrower strips do it goes farther.  Also, generally, only tape INSIDE the borders of the pattern pieces.  The rest will be thrown away anyway.


ABOUT…CUT and SEW FASHION ART craft panels:

  • Some benefits of Cut and Sew panels are:
  1. Will not have to search for a fabric that looks like the illustrations. It is printed right on the fabric.
  2. You can sit on the sofa and cut the pieces out of the cloth. No need to bend your back over a work table trying to find the best layout for your fabric.
  3. With labor wages today, I could not even offer these fashion designs completed unless I used slave labor.  You are my “sweatshop”.  If you would like sell your items Send me a picture to post on the website and I will credit you and link to your site.  Others can see creative ways to use my projects.  I can also send you some labels to sew in the clothes.
  • Templates of my patterns are laid over fabric designs.
  • Instructions and a completed image are printed around the pattern pieces.
  • To avoid confusion, all pieces have a little label tab attached.  Trim this tab off later as you join the piece.
  • To make the best use of this purchase, you could trace around the pattern pieces before sewing to make another project later with your own fabric.
  • These craft panels are print-on-demand by a third party who stands by their products.  They will print and ship right to you to save on postage.  Let me know  if there is a problem with a product ASAP so we can remedy quickly.



  • These fabric designs are print-on-demand by a third party. Please allow extra time for delivery.
  • Although the projects are offered in a suggested fabric, the designs can be printed on the following options:

BASIC MUSLIN-WEIGHT FABRICS:  for dresses, stuffed toys, misc decor.

  1. Cotton Sheeting – similar to muslin (dpi) $35.00
  2. Cotton Sheeting – Not quite as smooth from this supplier. this would make a nice apron (dyf)  56 inches wide $37.45
  3. Cotton Sateen – similar to muslin weight with a smooth surface (dpi) $46.20
  4. Cotton Sateen – a little heavier from this supplier. Nice for toys. (dyf) 56 inches  $39.90
  5. Cotton Lawn – light weight. nice for my designs (dyf) 53 inches $33.60
  6. Cotton French Twill – medium light. overalls (dyf) 58 inches $37.80
  7. Organic Cotton Poplin – nice light weight and can’t see through. (dyf) 51 inches $45.50
  8. Basic Cotton Ultra – nice weight cotton.  crafts, toys, quilting, apparel, bag liners (sp) 42 inches  $24.50
  9. Kona Cotton Ultra – soft colors and brushed texture. quilting, applique, shirting, dresses (sp) 42 inches $26.60
  10. Cotton Poplin Ultra – quilting, shirting, skirts, dresses, pajamas, home decor. (sp) 42 inches $28.00
  11. Organic Cotton Sateen Ultra – favorite. smooth, soft med weight. nice colors and shading. good blacks. quilting, table linens, pillows, bedding, toys (sp) 56 inches $37.80
  12. Cotton Spandex Jersey – stretch cotton leggings, baby clothes, lounge wear dresses. (sp) 60 inches $37.45
  13. Combed Cotton – sticker vest looks like denim. (z) 56 inches $32.13 fat quarter $13.93
  14. Pima Cotton – made aprons and top.  quilting, applique, dolls, apparel. (z) 54 inches $36.66 fat quarter $19.53

DRAPE RAYON TYPE FABRICS:  for draped dresses, scarves, kimonos

  1. Poly Lycra -a little more sustantial and a bit heavier than rayon with some stretch if pulled.  I usually refer to this as “rubbery” fabric.  But has an acceptable drape quality and would look nice in a dress, kimono or capri pant (dpi) $46.20.
  2. Poly Knit Jersey – perfect drape.  similar in weight to rayon..  Slight one-way stretch. dress, kimono. (dpi) not listed
  3. 19mm Silk Charmuse – gorgeous!  sateeen finish (very smooth).  vibrant colors.  drapey. dresses, kimono, tops (dpi) $91,oo
  4. 12mm silkcharmuse – sort of drapey. not as liquid as rayon but I think it will “pass” if made up right.  dresses. tops. (dpi) $77.00
  5. Silk Habotai – my favorite for light weight summer garments. Dresses, tops, light overalls, bloomers pants, sweet calicos – everything. (dpi) $77.00
  6. Silk Habotai – has a slight sheen. (dyf) 52 inches $41.93
  7. Crepe De Chine – nice blacks.  light and airy.  Can see through if close fitted. (dpi) $77.00
  8. Poly Crepe De Chine – nice light weight drape.  Nice blacks.  blouses, flowy dresses, lingerie, scarves,  love it.  (sp) 52 inches $32.20
  9. Silky Faille – favorite. polyester.  yields good blacks and shaded detail. nice drape.  try kimono maybe wrap dress (sp) 54 inches $33.60
  10. Performance Pique – moisture-wicking, soil release finish -sporty dresses, polo shirts, head bands.  good drape. (sp) 56 inches $28.00
  11. Performance Knit – crisp text. nice drape. 56in sp $33.60
  12. Modern Jersey – soft drape. tee shirts, baby clothes, dresses, maxi skirts, scarves. (sp) 56 inches $37.10
  13. Sport Lycra – favorite. drape. 4 way stretch. moisture wicking. great BLACK. swimsuits. try kimono wrap dress (sp) 56 inches $44.80

SATIN STYLE FABRICS:  occasion dresses, kimonos

  1. PolySilk – shiny, semi sheer, not as liquid as some satins but will probably work for the kimono if you want a light-weight flying cape effect. (dpi) $44.80
  2. Poly Charmuse – perfect for kimono but not listed (dpi)
  3. Silk Charmuse Lycra – perfect for kimono. drapey and shiny.  light weight satin. (dyf)  38 inches  $53.20
  4. Silk Charmuse  – perfect for kimono. drapey and shiny.  light weight satin. (dyf)  52 inches $56.00
  5. Silk Crepe De Chine – has a sheen but rougher like raw silk sheen. (dyf) 52 inches $53.20
  6. Silk Twill – very nice sheen almost shiny.  nice for kimono, dresses tops, flounce capri (dpi) $91.00
  7. Silk Twill – quite shiny.  light weight. nice for kimono (dyf) 52 inches $53.90
  8. Satin – shiny one side.  kimono, costumes , occasion, apparel, bag lining, wedding accessories, decor, trim. (sp) 54 inches $25.20
  9. Viscose Lycra – very shiny. one way stretch. try for kimono (dyf) 57 inches $53.90

SHEER VOILE TYPE FABRICS:  for sheer items

  1. Premium Poly Chiffon – quite sheer drapey overlay (dpi) $35.00
  2. Polyester Chiffon – scarves, sheer curtains, occasion, decor (sp) 54 inches $29.40
  3. Cotton Voile – quite sheer natural-feel cotton (dpi) $46.20
  4. Cotton Voile Soft – similar to above. just slightly denser. (dyf) 53 inches $37.80
  5. Cotton Voile Light – quite sheer but not as sheer as above (dyf) 53 inches $37,80
  6. Georgette Silk – sort of a slight natural crepe feel. sheer overlays. wear a slip under. (dpi) not listed
  7. Silk Georgette – quite sheer. cream color. just as you would imagine georgette to be.  feels kind of rough.  (dyf)  $41.93
  8. Silk Chiffon – similar to georgette silk. (dpi) $77.00
  9. Silk Habotai 5mm – sheer overlay. nice dress weight. (dpi) $77.00


  1. Linen – nice medium light weight.  overalls, aprons, vest, spring jacket dyf 51 inches $41.93
  2. Linen Cotton – similar if not the same as above. reminds me of vintage bark curtains or upholstery (dyf) 54 inches $40.60
  3. Organic Linen Cotton – nice medium weight (dyf) 53 inches $42.00
  4. Belgian Linen – like how I would picture linen.  Nice for overalls. Nice for a linen jacket or spring coat.  Small texture weave.  (dpi) $77.00
  5. Poly Poplin – medium weight.  nice for aprons, overalls, top layer jacket, vest (dpi) $35.00
  6. Cotton French Twill –  sateen finish. I like the way it feels kind of like linen weight (dyf) 58 inches  $37.80
  7. Cotton Canvas Light – medium weight.  overalls maybe. hats, bags, pillows for sure (dyf) 58 inches $37.80
  8. Organic Muslin – Love the natural weave – like linen. cream color. (dyf) 53 inches $38.50
  9. Organic Sweet Pea Gauze – double gauze like back to back sort of.  unusual.   like a natural maybe tee weight.  soft like baby pajams in a way. swaddle blankets, bibs, baby items, beach cover-ups.  Crinkles when washed. (sp) 56 inches $32.20

MEDIUM TO HEAVY FABRICS:  similar to canvas, burlap, outer wear, hats, decor, etc.

  1. Cotton Twill – medium weight fabric. Light denim weight.  No drape.  Vest, jacket, pants, pillows, hats, bags would work here. (dpi)  $46.20
  2. Cotton Twill – med weight. home decor – pillows, place mat, table cloth, tea towels, bags (z) 58 inches $44.73  fat quarter $20.93
  3. Cotton EZ Twill – similar to cotton canvas heavy but smoother texture.  (dyf) 57 inches  $37.52
  4. Cotton Duck –  More texture weave than Twill but similar or slightly heavier in weight.  The tiara hat would work well with this fabric. (dpi) $46.20
  5. Poly Duck – very stiff.  hats, bags, pillow, maybe shoe uppers. (dpi) $44.80
  6. Cotton Canvas Light – substantial. texture.  hats, bags (dyf)  58 inches $37.80
  7. Cotton Canvas Heavy – Probably the heaviest fabric here.  bags, pillows, hats maybe (dyf) 58 inches  $37.52
  8. Cotton Poplin –  medium weight.  hats, denim maybe, bags pillows (dyf) 58 inches $37.10
  9.  Upholstry Cotton – SUPER HEAVY. (dyf) 58 inches  $40.60
  10. Hemp Organic Cotton – heavy weight. textured. pillows, bags, maybe hats (dyf) 55 inches  $44.10
  11. Hemp – pretty heavy stuff.  like a place mat maybe.  (dyf) 55 inches $60.20
  12. Light weight Cotton Twill – like denim canvas weight and texture. pillows, table linens, place mats, banners, tote bags, vest (sp) 58 inches $36.40
  13. Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra – blend. med-heavy weight. structured garments, table linens, tea towels, dresses, bags, pillows, hats, denim vest. (sp) 54 inches $37.80
  14. Eco Canvas – OUTDOOR med weight. texture. upholstery, bags, home decor, pillows play mats, jackets. (sp) 54 inches $44.80
  15. Organic Cotton Knit Ultra – some stretch. tee shirt, dresses, baby clothes. (sp) 56 inches $37.80
  16. Polyester Poplin – made humpty hats.  resembled needle point.  sublimation printing. great black. home decor, upholstery totes, crafts. vibrant and crisp.  (z) 60 inches $44.73  fat quarter $20.93
  17. Polyester Weave – soft with linen texture. home decor, table cloth, runners, maybe upholstery. (z) 58 inches $48.86  fat quarter $23.73
  18. Ivory Linen – soft colors. pillows, place mats runners, tea towels. (z) 54 inches $79.66  fat quarter $27.86
  19. Natural Lenin – rustic soft color saturation. home, pillows, place mats, hats. (z) 54 inches $79.66 fat q $27.86


  1. Faux Suede – toy bears, upholstery, bags, pillows (sp) 54 inches $47.60
  2. Celosia Velvet – velvet pillows, toy bears, vest (sp) 54 inches $47.60
  3. Minky – soft nap. velvet velour like. nice black, hat band, toy bears, blankets, cold weather hats (sp) $37.80
  4. Fleece – soft hand. toy bear, blankets, cold weather (sp) 56 inches $37.80SUPER LIBERAL RETURN POLICY



  • Some of my work is printed on third-party  READY-MADE products.
  • When available, prototypes may or may not be exactly like the final items offered.